Andrey Haposhyn Motion Designer

Hi to everyone. My name is Andrey and I love to creating animation. Usually I'm inspired to both simple animation of asbstract objects and Hollywood simulations' of special visual effects. For this reason I started working as a motion designer with 2D graphics, then I learned the character 3D animation in May and now it's

My skills

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Motion graphics

Most often, the motion graphics involves working with vector objects that were previously created for the project. I work in Adobe After Effects and I think this is the best software for creating 2d motion graphics, character animation and sometimes for simple 3d animation.


Character animation

It’s more interesting to animate characters in 3d. Of course, for a simple animation of the character in the explaining video, there is enough animation in 2D (for example using After Effects), but if we know that we need a quality animation of the character in 3D, then my choice is Maya from AutoDesk.



Honestly, I recently began to explore the magical world of visual special effects. To create realistic simulations of water / fire / smoke / explosions and other things you need a lot of time, knowledge and good computing power for the render. So far, I’m only studying this direction and I’m making my first steps.

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